Hear from my Clients

We contacted Lesley when we decided to move back To Austin, my home town, after being away for 15 years. We made the big decision in June and had to be here before school started. Not only that we wanted to be in Tarrytown. We had total confidence in Lesley as she grew up here as well. Lesley’s first words were...”Don’t worry about a thing, I have you covered here, you just start packing!” We looked and looked and finally Lesley found our dream house not only in Tarrytown but around the corner from where I grew up but also down the street from my immediate family. It could not have happened with out her knowledge and love for the area. Her work ethic and no nonsense attitude and sense of humor got is through a very rushed and stressful process. I would recommend Lesley Link Collins to list your home or if you are looking to buy in a heart beat. She is one of a kind and gets the job done. She is the best!

F.C. & V.C.

Lesley's success, and our good fortune in having her represent us, derives from her natural instinct to do everything she does..... better than is expected or required. In the world of real estate brokerage intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods and their history, as well as their future 'history', and personal relationships with sellers, title companies, surveyors, inspectors and attorneys of the depth that Lesley enjoys comes easy - when you grew up attended schools and churches in those very neighborhoods. But the rest of it isn't so easy, it's plain hard work. A blizzard of emails, coordinating or turning on a dime (like getting a call from us Sunday noon upon seeing a 'Coming Soon sign" and arranging a private tour that same afternoon or responding to my 6AM email at 6:30AM) when something or someone requires it is very, very impressive......plus her big smile doesn't hurt either. It will be our pleasure to recommend Lesley's services to anyone seeking the purchase or sale of their home.